Automotive engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with designing, manufacturing and operating automobiles. This also includes working on their mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety aspects. It is a segment of vehicle engineering which deals with motorcycles, busses,etc.

Automobiles! From cars to trucks to the amazing Harley Davidson, this is a thing of interest to many. Automotive engineering takes things to another level. It analyses questions like: How can we teach cars to drive themselves? How would we get around on the surface of Mars? Etc.
There are mainly three types of automotive engineers:

Design Engineers: They are responsible for the design aspect of a vehicle. Simply put, they make the vehicle look good. Design engineers primarily work toward developing the visual appearance of a vehicle and also are involved in the concept design. A familiarity with the intricate details of the hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical systems inside a vehicle is a must .

Development Engineers: They work toward improving efficiency of existing vehicles and developing new ones. Among other things they organize tasks like automobile level testing, its validation and certification. They mainly research and find solutions to engineering problems.
Production Engineers: Their responsibilities include making sure the process of manufacture goes smoothly. This means that they are involved in the design, development, implementation, operation, maintenance, and control of all processes in the manufacture of vehicles.
Note: We can also inform that Automobile Engineering can be pursued in Bachelors or may be directly in Masters.
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Our engineers are experienced with portable cmm’s ranging from Faro arms through to Laser Trackers. This enables us to take instructions and inspect/reverse engineer components or tooling and give you back a clear report or cad that you can work with WorldFirstRacing.